Move Those Boxes to Dallas, Please!

A lot of folks tend to get a bit flustered when it comes to setting up the logistics of a major family move. And to tell you the truth, you really can’t blame them. There are a lot of elements to relocating to a different home. This is especially true if that new home is in a completely different part of the country. To begin with, everyone in the family will have to get used to a different culture. As you know, each section of the U.S. is different.

Then you have the added stress of being concerned about your valuable possessions. By that, I don’t just mean costly items like a computer or a large screen TV. Some things have a value that can be hard for all of us to understand – such as a child’s precious toy. Seriously, can all of us understand how a small child feels about placing their favorite dolls inside a dark cardboard box? That child wants to be reassured that those dolls will be okay. The moving professional that reassures that small child is the person I want to hire.

Anyway, my wife and I needed to purchase some high quality packing supplies consisting mainly of good cardboard boxes of various sizes. We went out to the Internet and checked out a online moving supply store that offered free shipping and came with a great customer rating. Then we needed to set up the move with a solid packing and trucking company. This was going to be a bit more complicated, since I needed to make arrangements and also checkout he reputation of the company, as well.But, fortunately, I knew how to do this type of online research in a quick and effective manner.

Once I began asking for cheap online moving truck quotes, the quotes, along with some additional moving information began pouring in. Then I started my research that included, among other things, customer comments about the various companies – starting with the companies that offered the lowest prices and then moving my way up. At one point, I began seeing some companies that seemed to offer the best of both worlds (low prices and great customer feedback). It was then that I created my “short list”. Once this list was created, I set up a couple of appointments to meet with the movers. From there, I selected the company that eventually moved my family.