Moving Tips from Dallas Movers

Moving to Dallas can be very difficult without a moving plan, no matter how excited you may be to start your new life in this big city. Dallas is home to over a million people and it is the third largest city in Texas. It has an eclectic mixture of people and a dynamic business environment and thriving economy. Follow these simple moving tips to make your move a breeze.

Moving to such a big city can be overwhelming, start by making a moving binder. The first thing that needs to go into the binder is a moving checklist. You want to make the checklist approximately three months prior to your move. A moving checklist will allow you to establish a time frame and a schedule, to make your transition to Dallas a smooth one. Before moving to Dallas, do as much research as possible about the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth metroplex area. Seek advice about moving to the city by using online databases, forums and message boards. A great place to start is City Data’s Dallas Forum, where you can ask questions and browse questions posed by others that moved to Dallas before you.

If your move to Dallas is job related, make sure that you also seek advice and ask around about the best places to live. Perhaps, if you are a single professional, you might prefer an apartment or condo in downtown Dallas in a hip area like Deep Ellum. Or if you are moving with your family, you will want to select a good neighborhood with friendly people and excellent schools. Dallas is considered one of the most affordable cities for housing in the United States.

Start planning your move to Texas, by getting free quotes from all Dallas movers which specialize in your type of move-long distance if you are moving from another state or local, if you are making an intrastate move. Look for a moving company with an established reputation. Good movers will help you plan, organize and prepare for every aspect of your move. Ask about estimated costs versus actual costs-if you don’t pick the right moving company, you could end up having your belongings held hostage by movers who tack on additional fees ( such as an arrival or fuel fees) when they arrive at your new home. To avoid delays and stress from unwanted surprise charges, always do research first. Make sure that you understand what you are paying for and know about insurance options before you sign a contract with any moving company. Avoid moving company scams!

Pick the best method for packing moving boxes beforehand. Also it is good idea to sort and throw out or donate any unwanted or unused items. There is no point in packing anything that you don’t want or don’t use. It will cost you unnecessary money to pack these items. Once you select your movers, you can save money by doing some of all of the packing yourself.

The Key to Success – A Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist-Make this list as comprehensive as possible, with costs, budget and savings calculated. This should be your master document for your move and should cover everything from the date that you need to sign the contract with the moving company, when and where to purchase your packing supplies-include provisions for packing last minute items.

Movers Notification Checklist- This list should contain the names and addresses of all parties that need to be informed of your move. Included in the list should be relatives, utilities- that you need to cancel before your move and ones that you need to connect upon arrival at your new home. Also contact information for neighbors, doctor’s offices and delivery companies for services such as newspaper or water delivery. You may also pick up a Mover’s Guide from the United States Post Office, for business and official mail change of address forms. And you can arrange to have your mail forwarded to you or put on hold and delivered as accumulated mail at your new address.

Inventory Checklist- This list will help you avoid missing or lost items when your personal belongings, furniture and household contents arrive at your new Dallas home. It may take awhile to complete this list, but you will be glad in the end. No matter how much care goes into selecting your moving company- there are sometimes unfortunate mishaps. Items may get lost or damaged during your move. Your lists should contain an inventory of all your valuable items, so let you will get fair market value from the insurance company to replace anything that is lost or damaged.

Packing Strategically

Packing List- On each box, use an indelible marker to both number and briefly list the contents of each box. And designate where the contents of box goes-kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, etc. The moving company that you hire will do this for you. However, if you are doing all or a portion of the packing yourself, it is a good idea to have some knowledge of what’s inside of each box. For moves within the Dallas area, you will save money by doing this step yourself.

The best way to effectively organize your Dallas move is to find resources and tools online for a time-line to plot exactly when you need to accomplish each thing on your moving checklist. It saves money to purchase your boxes and supplies online.

For intrastate moves, where you may be sticking to a strict budget, the best cost-cutting method would be to rent a moving truck and do-it-yourself. If the prospect of moving heavy furniture or lifting heavy boxes doesn’t appeal to you, consider using day laborers to help with the manual labor. If will save you money, by not having to pay for professional movers by the hour. You should still plan on using your moving checklists and stick to your planned schedule.

Dallas is a great city to live in with mostly good weather year round. For movers within the state you already know this, but for out of state movers, you will soon realize that you have picked an excellent place to live, especially if you have children. In the summer, the weather is warm, dry and humid-with occasional peaks of temperature, ranges 100 degrees and slightly above (117 degrees has been a seasonally high temperature). Winters for the most part are generally mild to moderate, with temperatures averaging between 35 to 55 degrees. Spring and fall are considered the best for the mild conditions and flowers and foliage.

Dallas is a very family friendly city. There are many museums, entertainment attractions, historic sites, parks and playgrounds to visit. One of the most interesting playgrounds in Dallas is Fantasy Landing. Fantasy Landing is a playground where disabled children can play alongside able-bodied children. The playground features bright colorful bricks to help visually impaired children find their way. And it is equipped with customized ramps and pull tunnels for children in wheelchairs, or those who use braces or crutches.

Moving to Dallas could save your family money on future utility bills. Dallas has a deal with the service providers in the city, which allows anyone who bundles their internet, home telephone and cable to save money.

Make your transition to life in Dallas as easy as possible, design the move that best suits your needs and your budget. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. You can take the stress out of moving by sticking to your checklists.