My Business Now Calls Dallas “Home”

When I first started my business on the East Coast, moving to Texas was the last thing on my mind. However, many years later and the expansion of my company has seen many changes in the way that I look at things. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to do a significant amount of business in the State of Texas. I’ve also had the opportunity to move a few satellite business locations to Dallas as part of an experimental project. Those moves to Dallas turned out to be highly profitable!

I’ll admit that I was against the idea, at first, but it looked like a permanent move to Dallas would be the right thing to to. But not just for the sake of business. You see, whenever my family accompanied me to my Dallas trips, they had such a good time that, eventually, they kept on asking me when were we going to move there and stay. I have to say that I was surprised, since I never thought my family would ever consider relocating to Texas, since their roots were in the East Coast.

I guess it the hospitality that they experienced in Texas that changed their way of looking at things. It’s that same hospitality that helped me to establish a business presence in Dallas. Now, I could see the logic in moving there and making it our family home as well as our business home. But this was going to take a lot of planning and preparation, since I not only had to arrange my home and family move, but my business move, as well. Fortunately, I had done business with a moving company that had delivered good customer service when I had to set up those satellite locations by moving equipment to Plano, TX.

I contacted the same movers and told them what I needed. They were very responsive and began to help me with the details of my moves right off the bat. We worked out the logistics of moving my company’s equipment at the same time that we worked out the details of my home move. Everything went as smooth as silk, which was a great relief, since I was busy with many other details of relocating my business. When we finally set up in Dallas, my family was thrilled with the task of exploring their new home!